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Friday, November 13, 2009

Configure iSQL*PLUS

goto dos prompt..... start...Run....Cmd
on command prompt type: isqlplusctl start
after issuing the above command following prompt will displayed

Starting iSQL*Plus ...
iSQL*Plus started.

Open Any compatible Internet Browser.
Type the address for ISQL*PLUS

http:// host_name:portnumber/isqlplus

Check Computer Name à Right click on my computer
Then properties
Than click computer name
to check Port number:
oracle_home=where oracle software installed.
step 3

after opening the iSQL*Plus page on Expolorer..
ENTER username and password
Now isqlplus started.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Create Recovery Catalog Rman

This post will show you how to create a Recovery Catalog and Register a Database.

Step 1: Create Tablespace

SQL> Create Tablespace RMAN_T

Datafile ‘D:\Oracle\Product\10.2.0\oradata\orcl\rman01.dbf size 100M;

Step 2: Create User

SQL> Grant Resource, Connect, Recovery_Catalog_Owner to

R_Man identified by R_Man;

SQL> Alter User R_Man Default Tablespace RMAN_T;

Step 3: Connect to RMAN

Go to cmd (Command Prompt)

C:\> RMAN target sys/oracle catalog R_Man/R_Man

Step 4: Create Recovery Catalog & Register Database

RMAN> Create Catalog Tablespace RMAN_T;

Now Register your Database

RMAN> Register Database;

--------------------------- *************** -----------------------------------------

How to create Script in Recovery Catalog Database

RMAN> Create Script Script_name {

Backup datafile 3 ;}

How to Run it

RMAN> Run {

Execute script Script_name ;}

From Sql….

SQL> conn R_Man/R_Man

To show how many script are stored in RC

SQL> Select script_name from rc_stored_script;

To show Text of Stored Script

SQL>Select Text from rc_stored_script_line;

To Check How many database are Registered

SQL> select name from rc_database;