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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Oracle 10g application server installation steps

A Black screen will appear (Dos) and perform some checks e.g. Display colors, swap/ Page file space

Note: your OS (Windows) Page File size must be Greater then 1535. if not then increase it by  Right Click on my computer - properties - Advance
Under Performance tab click Settings – Advance – Change
Change maximum Size value to 1550
Press set and ok.

Press Next

give location (PATH) where to Install

Click Ok

Select Language.

keep this option to Automatic and press Next.

Specify SMTP outgoing mail server if you have , else dont do any think and Leave it BLANK

Instance_name              iasora
Ias_admin password     abce12345
Confirm password        abce12345

Note: you may write password as u wish.

Click on Install

When Installation Ends Press Exit. 

to open Oracle Application Server Control 
on your Browser type

where machine-name is the name of your computer

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