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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Oracle Password File

In order to startup an Oracle database, we need to have an Oracle password file or on Operating system authentication.

If the init.ora parameter
 remote_login_passwordfile is set to exclusive or shared, Oracle will search for a password file to do the authentication.
The default location for an Oracle password file is the %ORACLE_HOME%/database on Windows and $ORACLE_HOME/dbs on Unix flavours.

On windows, the filename should be: PWD%ORACLE_SID%.ora

On Unix, the filename should be: orapw$ORACLE_SID

You can use the orapwd command to create a new password file.
Usage: orapwd file= password= entries= force=

    file - name of password file (mand),
    password - password for SYS (mand),
    entries - maximum number of distinct DBA,
    force - whether to overwrite existing file (opt),
  There are no spaces around the equal-to (=) character.

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