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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Are you Looking for ORACLE job ?

Today Oracle is in itself become a domain where in people can have a wide variety of jobs. It is one of the most complete and integrated business software available in the market today. Getting a job too in this field has become a bit easy and has options for example a lot of training institutes offering you a course in Oracle and then assisting you with job placements. There are institutes (like providing you Oracle certification too that would help in building your resume.

An example for Oracle software that comes to mind is an ERP application that would need stress testing which can comprise of the number of customers logged into the application to the database that is provided to maintain an organizations resources. This example in itself can provide jobs for a bunch comprising the following:

  • Oracle Apps DBA.
  • Oracle Developer.
  • Oracle SOA Experts.
  • Oracle Database Administrator.
  • Oracle Technical and Functional Expert.
  • Oracle Discoverer Developer.
  • Oracle Database Developer.
  • Oracle Consultant.

oracle jobs
Achieve your Goal: How to get job from market as fresher Oracle DBA. View large
Being an Oracle DBA for a fresher is tough but getting a shot at the job in the next two categories is quite easy. People are thinking of this scenario too many times after struggling to get job as fresher.

Top MNC companies and especially large sectors are using Oracle database as backend RDBMS database. Those sectors require "0" downtime and high availability of databases. Giving chance to fresher Oracle DBA becomes risky sometimes. Due to this reason, companies are note preferring fresher as Oracle DBA. But as Oracle developer you may get entry in those companies. Fresher Oracle developers always gets job very easily from market.

Therefore, some candidate enters as Oracle DBA in such MNC company and switched to Oracle Database Administration domain after spending some time in same company. This is the very easier way to get job in Oracle domain especially in MNC companies.

But above scenario doesn't correct in every cases. Because there are so many chances to get job in MNC and another level company as fresher Oracle DBA. If you are strong in Database administration concept and willing to get job then keep in mind following points.

  • First thing is that to improve your English.
  • Sharp your skills in Oracle and various another fields.
  • Improve your skill in operating system specific.
  • Write strong resume and covering letter.
  • Prepare yourself for technical interview.
  • Hire any good consultant for job assistance.

After finishing above tasks, get ready to apply to companies. You may get some opportunities from this page also. Wait for calls. You can get calls from hiring companies definitely.

Still if you have problems and wanting guidance or help from experts then best way to hire Kendba services. Kendba offers paid fresher job assistance services for fresher Oracle techies. Off course, Kendba offers FREE fresher job assistance to registered member who enrolled in kendba's online oracle dba trainings.

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